Aircraft Salvage Services

Flying Fish Aircraft Parts specializes in single and twin-engine aircraft large or small. We offer complete clean-up and removal, no bolt or screw left behind. Put your aging aircraft to good use as a donor. This gives aircraft owners access to difficult to find if not impossible to find parts. Our mission is to keep general aviation alive. 


Sell your aircraft

The Flying Fish Aircraft Demolition crew is ready to pick-up and dismantle any aircraft or any amount of inventory. Our purchasing department is here to assist you through the whole process. Get a quote online for your aircraft by filling out this form.

Flying Fish Aircraft Parts will come to your location providing all labor and equipment necessary to complete the project. Typically, we can disassemble and recycle a complete aircraft within a days time. All necessary precautions are taken in order to prevent any environmental contamination. For your protection, Flying Fish Aircraft Parts, LLC carries pollution liability insurance. We guarantee a complete demolition and a thorough cleanup to prevent any potential Foreign Object Damage (F.O.D.). All demolition and recycling are done in full compliance with all Federal Aviation Administration regulations, applicable laws, and governmental regulation. We offer a release of liability for owners.


Contact us

Flying Fish Support Staff are here to help if you have any questions regarding any of these services. 

You can submit an email here or give us a call at (321) 622-6944.