Cessna 320 Goodyear 6.00-6 Nose Wheel 9541409P8 9541411P8 (20272)

Sold out.

Type: Wheels
Vendor: Goodyear

Goodyear 6.00-6 Nose Wheel

One half has a mold number of 9541409P8. The other is 9541411P8.

Includes wheel halves, axle tube, axle bolt, spacers, and axle brackets/caps.

Also includes the bearing cones, cups, and seals.

Removed from a 1967 Cessna 320E

The wheel halves and spacers have been primed and painted. 

The wheel has some dings and light pitting.

There is some oxidation/rust on the axle caps, axle bolt, and seals.

Used, sold as-is.