Pair of Eros Crew Oxygen Masks MC10-13-03 with Storage Boxes (20501)

Sold out.

Vendor: Eros

Pair of Eros Crew Oxygen Masks

Made by Intertechnicque

Part Number: MC10-13-03

Serial Numbers: 6202 and 6282

Includes two mask storage boxes, part numbers MXP-135-3 and MXP-135-2. 

One of the boxes has a piece broken off of one of its doors. The mounting tabs on the boxes are bent in.

These masks have manufacture dates of 02/82 and 03/82. One has an overhauled sticker dated 01/2012, by Zodiac Services. The other has an overhauled sticker dated 06/2010, by Zodiac Services. We don't have any paperwork or traceability with these masks.

You will need to send these off to get them recertified.

Used, sold as-is.