Parker Cleveland Wheel P/N: 40-113 6.00-6 Cessna 152, 172, 177, 182 (20136)

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Type: Wheels
Vendor: Cleveland

Parker Cleveland Wheel

Part Number: 40-113

Size: 6.00-6

According to the Cleveland Application Guide, this wheel fits:
Cessna 150L (1971 and on)
A150L (1971 and on)
F150L (1970 and on)
FA150K, L (1970-1971)
FRA150L (1972 and on)
152 (1978 and on)
A152 (1978 and on)
F152, FA152 (1978 and on)
172L through 172R (1971 and on, S/N: 172-599224 and on)
F172K (S/N: F172-00755 and on)
F172RG (172RG0001 and on)
177A, B (S/N: 177-01165 and on)
177RG, F177RG (1971 and on)
182N (S/N: 182-60446 through 182-67715)

Great Lakes 2T-1A, 2T-1A-1, 2T-1A-2

SME Aerospace MD3-160

Includes inner and outer wheel halves, spacer, one bearing, bearing cups, grease seals, one snap ring, and new AN hardware. Does not include anything else, only what is pictured

The wheel has some chips. 

Wheel halves have been stripped, primed, and painted.

Used, sold as-is.