Piper Arrow Cleveland Wheels & Brakes 40-84B 30-41 PA-28R-180 (20086)

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Vendor: Cleveland

Piper Arrow Cleveland Wheels and Brakes

Wheel Part Number: 40-84B

Brake Part Number: 30-41

Includes wheels, brake cylinders, torque plates, pressure plates, back plates, back plate spacers, grease seal rings, and felt grease seals. 

Includes new hardware and O-rings.

Does not include brake discs, brake pads, or anything else not pictured. 

Some pitting.

Wheels, brake cylinders, torque plates, and back plates have been primed and painted.

Removed from a 1968 PA-28R-180. 

This item is guaranteed to pass inspection and work as intended. Includes 30-day warranty subject to limitations, including, but not limited to, misuse, improper installation, etc